Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm honored that you came looking for me here.  While there's plenty to read in the archives, I've taken a little hiatus from the Composing My Life blog.  This was primarily because I've started another writing project, over at The Divine Self.  Essentially, I'm commenting on and rewriting the Bible.  Not everyone's cup of tea, but there it is.

Musically, I'm doing a bit of accompanying in Fort Worth, and I'm also composing music for a video game in development.  Take a look at this promo video to hear a bit of the music I've been creating for Miffed Kitty Press' Status Quo project.

That's not the only music I'm composing at the moment.  I also have a large scale vocal work in process, and I've been creating some other purely electronic music, in what I would consider to be a contemplative style.  I share that music occasionally with friends on Facebook and such, so feel free to connect with me there.  And as always, you can hear recordings of some of my music at