Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fast Fliers

Another little piece of learning for me last week happened during a morning run, or "fly" as it was called. I found that when I run with trustworthy fast fliers, I can push myself to my limit without worrying about leaving someone behind, and I can stay within my limits without pushing too far, trusting that I won't be left behind.

This was important for me, because my life doesn't often have me partnering for long periods of time with people who are more capable than I in a particular area. I find myself holding back from stretching as far as I can because I'm conscious of the abilities of some people around me. And I often don't risk trusting someone to stick with me when I need to take things slowly. I believe in those instances that I will be holding someone back, that I will be annoying, or that I need to be as good as they are before I partner with them.

My flying lesson about trusting people now has me on the lookout for people who can do really well things I'm passionate about. I'm willing now to trust that inviting these people into partnership with what I am creating in my life will allow me to truly stretch to the limits of my capabilities. In music, as well as in many other things.

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  1. I like your post Randy - it manifests in my life when I give too soon or don't even try because I think that I won't match up to "their" standards. In fact I believe I am indulging myself in some way - I could call it lazy but it cld also be a fear of failure showing through. Trusting myself to push through risk and to give it my best because I am important not the outcome. Honour love and respect, Margot