Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Concentrated Strength

I read recently that it is better to concentrate on maximizing one's strengths rather than constantly trying to make up for one's weaknesses. When I consider my path and the way I have been journeying on it, I often do just the opposite: I downplay my strengths and try to force development of the areas in which I believe I am lacking. It hasn't been an exuberant way to journey, to say the least.

Tonight, I co-taught the first class in a six-week Power of Connection course, and I realized how I cheat myself (and the world) when I focus on making up for my weaknesses. The truth is that I am a skilled teacher, and I am an engaging and compelling speaker. I am insightful and creative, and I can help people to see things they might not otherwise notice. I care about people, and I am an effective communicator. I am also a gifted musician and composer, able to engage in detail work and large-scale planning at the same time.

I am not a skilled marketer. Although I am an excellent strategist, I'm not great at publicizing my self, my skills, or my creations. I do not enjoy tedious and repetitive tasks, and I do not value empty dialogue. At the same time, I am often distracted from the things that are important to me by things that are urgent to someone else. I do not believe that I can do everything equally well, but who can?

What I am learning is that all of what I want to accomplish is rooted in partnerships. I want to partner with people who have complementary skill sets in almost every arena of my life. When I acknowledge what my actual strengths are, it becomes clear how I can make a meaningful contribution to the world. Now, if only I knew how to find the ideal partnerships to fill in the gaps... and here I get the distinct sensation that I already know how to do this. It boils down to my own willingness, persistence, and devotion.

I believe I'm worth it.

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