Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just How I Am?

I awakened today with my own words in my head. I often remind others that we are all free to change our minds and choose something different than what we thought we wanted yesterday. There may be consequences, of course, but we never truly trapped by our decisions. So today, I am hearing my words back at me: I am not trapped by my choices or my circumstances.

It's tempting to fall back on statements like "That's just how I am," or "That's just the way I do things." But those little quips are really not accurate. My experience and my choices have all been up to this point, but I have the freedom to do things differently today if I want to. And tomorrow I'll get the same opportunity. To be honest, the choice is available to me many, many times a day.

So what do I want to change today? What do I want to do or be differently? What will get me even more on track with my goals and dreams? One thing is I'm going to speak up and make sure the people around me know what I want. How else can I really expect them to partner with me? I'm also going to be conscious about how I spend my time. I want to be awake and I want my choices to be purposeful. And I'm going to remember that I have the freedom to make any adjustments or course corrections I want along every step of the way.

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