Friday, May 1, 2009

Wings of Appreciation

I didn't plan on doing much work when I got up today. Still feeling kind of lousy, although not terrible. There were noisy workmen tearing out the rotten, fed-upon parts of a wall, and they needed the A/C turned off because of the dust and debris they were kicking up. I couldn't go anywhere while they were working, and the piano was covered with a drop cloth since it's in the room with the tasty wall. I was pretty much ready to write the day off from the word 'Go.'

Then I opened my email. In it was a note of appreciation for my music from someone I don't even know very well. This came on the heels of an unusual compliment I received last night, when I heard that my piano CD had kept someone from buying a shotgun to deal with Houston traffic. (The details may have been tongue-in-cheek, but I believe the compliment was sincere.) It reminded me that what I create has value to other people, that I am connected to people because of what I choose to put out into the world. Appreciation has tremendous power. I have a tendency to gloss over appreciaton sometimes, but when I really take in that what I have done (or just who I am) has meant so much to someone, it reawakens me to my calling as a human being.

Already feeling my creativity smirking at me a little bit, I went ahead and read today's note from the Universe:
When your peeps ask you what you do all day, every day, Randy, you do tell them, "Whatever I want." Right?
Because you do.
I love these things. Some of them don't pack much of a wallop for me, but more often than not they remind me of something about myself that energizes me and gives me another reason to smile. Alright, whatever I want, eh?

So I spent the day working on music (Dreamsong 17) to submit to a call for pieces to be used in a sci-fi series. I had fun. I still wasn't driven about what I was getting accomplished, or what I needed to do. I just enjoyed myself. Hopefully the fruits of my labor will have a positive impact on someone else as well. But even if today's efforts don't reach many people, I know that creativity fuels creativity. The work I did today was building toward something I'll eventually create that I can't even see yet. And I'm already excited about it.

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