Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Power of Partnership

On my best days I can do a lot of different things well. When I am right on the edge of my capabilities, though, it only takes a little push to get me over the line. One little thing going differently than I expect or taking longer than I've planned and I'm overwhelmed and stressed. Of course, if I hang back in a comfortable, unchallenging space it's easier to make adjustments, but if I'm committed to being fully engaged I want to look for other solutions to feeling overwhelmed.

When I'm playing small, I spend my time and energy on things that don't really take advantage of my skills and expertise. Of course, the things I wind up doing are often still necessary on some level, but it's not necessary for me to do them. When I spend my time unwisely, not only do I limit what I am able to accomplish, but I also limit other people's opportunities to contribute and grow.

Whether I am at work or striving for personal goals, there are people in my life who truly appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Although they experience their own bit of being overwhelmed from time to time, I often find that people are more willing to partner with me than I anticipate. I guess it makes sense, though. I usually feel appreciated when someone seeks my involvement, especially if they're asking me to do something at which I excel.

It boils down to delegation. When I can delegate in ways that allow others to be successful and to develop their own abilities, people are often amazingly grateful. And the partnership allows me to focus my time and energy on the challenges and tasks that are best suited for me.

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