Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sinking My Feet In

Alright, I've been procrastinating starting a blog since the beginning of the year, and today seems as good a day as any to get this thing rolling. In fact, it's a better day than most, because I realized today how much more accepting I am about Life's little frustrations than I was not too long ago. "Frustrations" even seems a bit too strong of a word; reality just didn't play out according to my expectations.

I received word this afternoon that the Power of Connection Mentor Course I was planning to take at the end of the month is being postponed. This is a course through More To Life that I had hoped to incorporate into the next phase of my career, and I know the church that currently employs me would benefit from it. Still, I understand the reasons for the mentor training to be postponed; the designers want to provide an intentional product about which they are very confident. So the disappointment is somewhat tempered. The course will still happen, and I will still get the opportunity to share what I learn there with my patch of the world. Just not yet.

On top of that, I received my acceptance letter into the Masters of Social Work degree program at the University of Houston. I'm not sure yet if this is the best path to create a life and career that nurtures my deepest passions, but it's something I want to consider very carefully. Tomorrow I have a meeting at Rice about their MBA program with a focus on Creativity. I'm not even sure that another graduate degree is the best next step, but I am exploring and honing little by little.

Saturday evening, Chasms receives its Carnegie Hall debut, so Joy and I are flying up to hear Marion Russell Dickson sing. It is always incredible to hear my work performed, and there are a lot of emotions bundled into that experience. Sometimes, I wish I could change something or tell a performer exactly how to play it, but often I am just captivated and grateful to hear what I created come to life. That's how Marion sings these Teasdale settings; she brings them to life.

So, right now I'm critiquing my first blogging attempt: How much am I supposed to write? Who's going to read this anyway? What value is there in anything I have to say? But I am also telling myself that this is just another step in my thousand miles. Right now, I am just enjoying sinking my feet into each step of this very fine journey.


  1. Hi Randy, welcome to the blogging community! Hope you keep writing and sharing your thoughts with us.
    I think the value of any blog is more to the individual writing it than anything else. It allows us to clear our heads, put our thoughts down in a coherent manner that we can then look through at a later date and remember our thought processes at the time. There is no "how much am I supposed to write?" Write as much or as little as you are comfortable with. "Who is going to read it?" Doesn't matter.

    One thing I do with my blog is to keep every post about a single topic. While it can be used as one, a blog doesn't have to be a journal. You can separate the things that you write so that, once you have hundreds of entries, you can search through them and find what you are looking for.

    Again, welcome and keep on blogging...

  2. Hi - I am a life coach, life adviser and writer. I think this space will be a great place to process. Mentoring, and Life Coaching go far beyond the designations, they help - people like them. But the skills will be intuitively there is it is the right nitch. But it is great process.

    The blogging will really be a place of personal insight and growth that will give you alot of feed-back. Writing is about the joy of it... the journey. And through sharing we learn insights.

    Keep at it - come stop by and join mine if you would like... it sounds like you keep yourself busy.