Friday, March 27, 2009

The Web

I had a rehearsal with several intermediate school musicians yesterday. During my time at the school, I observed a remarkable exchange. One student was having a little trouble with his trombone piece. His teacher first asked if there were any notes he had a question about, and the student replied, Yes. The teacher then asked one of his peers to help him out. The other student very kindly and graciously worked for a moment with his fellow trombonist, and the rehearsal went on from there.

This was only a remarkable exchange for me as an observer. To the students and teacher, it seemed to be rather commonplace. But I see so much competition and so little compassion from day to day, even among people who are supposedly on the same team, that it was impressive to see genuine cooperation in action.

What would change in our lives if we all generously and kindly served, and graciously accepted service from, one another? What would change in our jobs? What would change in our families? What would change in our driving experience? What would change in our economy? What would change in our government?

Long before there was an internet, shamans believed in a different sort of world-wide web. A spiritual web of existence that connects all things. They held that what we do creates reverberations along that web, and it has an impact of which we may not even be aware. Whether we subscribe to this view or not, I believe what we do as individuals has incredible reach and unfathomable power. What are we doing with it?

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